The College of Our Lady of Good Counsel, known as the Colegio de Lecároz, was founded by Fr. Joaquín de Llevaneras in 1888 between Elizondo, Gartzain and Irurita, along the Baztan River, in the valley of the same name. From its beginnings this boarding school was a unique school for two reasons: its magnificent facilities and the high endowment of its faculty, all members of the Capuchin Order. At the beginning of the last century, the Colegio de Lecároz had orchestra and choir, cinema, laboratory of photography, natural sciences, physics and chemistry, sports pavilions, X-ray operating room ... It was one of the best boarding schools in the world. It had students from all five continents. In 1967 it expanded its facilities by building a new school, a model of this type in Europe.
The students of the Colegio de Lecároz continue to maintain a great relationship between us and our headquarters is in an annex building to the new college, which is also a gastronomic society: the Txoko Lekaroz. Our motto, written in 1916, the date of the formation of the Association of Alumni of the College of the Virgin of the Good Council of Lecároz, is still the promotion of friendship, as established in the founding statutes. Through the classrooms of the school have been important figures such as the sculptor Jorge Oteiza, the musician P. José Antonio Donostia, the harpist Nicanor Zabaleta, soccer players like José Antonio Zaldúa, Miguel Jones or Jesús Glaría, Formula 1 drivers like Alfonso Cabeza de Vaca, Marques de Portago, chefs like Martin Berasategui, Arbelaitz, Oyarbide and Leranoz, the great Carmelo Balda, Basque ball player, physicists like the laureate Pedro Miguel Etxenike, winemakers like Carlos Falcó, marqués de Griñón, or Miguel Ángel Canalejo.  And many others. Almost 15,000 people.
In this web, the old students collect part of the extraordinary history of such a unique school. We invite you to now more about this extraordinary school.